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About Us

Confident Communicators is a privately owned speech pathology clinic offering high quality services to toddlers, preschool and school aged children in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Waterdown, Milton and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for children of all ages with speech, language and communication difficulties.

Carrie Rosler
Owner, Speech Language Pathologist

Carrie’s approach to therapy is one that values evidence-based practice, strong parental involvement and most importantly Carrie emphasizes  that every child is unique and builds customized therapy sessions based around the  child’s interests to maximize effectiveness.

Carrie has over 20 years of clinical experience in pediatrics working with children and youth with various communication delays or disorders.  Carrie is a dedicated and compassionate SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) with a diverse range of clinical experience including the following areas: early language intervention, articulation/phonology, motor speech disorders (apraxia), hearing impairments (auditory-verbal therapy), receptive and expressive language delays, autism spectrum disorder, social communication difficulties and literacy. Carrie has a special interest and passion for working with children who have motor speech disorders and apraxia.  

"I knew from an early age, that helping children acquire the gift of communication was my passion and one of my strongest skills."

- Carrie Rosler, Speech-Language Pathologist

Throughout her career, Carrie has had the opportunity to help hundreds of children become confident communicators.  Families are always involved in this journey. We also feel that a team approach is often the best approach and as such collaborate with community daycares, schools and other healthcare professionals.

Carrie graduated summa cum laude from Northern Michigan University, where she obtained her Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Carrie is a licensed member of  the College of  Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO) and a member of the Ontario Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA).  She also holds a post-graduate diploma as a Communicative Disorders Assistant.

Special Training:

  • PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets)

  • Kaufman Approach

  • Participated in the Ministry of Child and Youth Services Motor-Speech Program (The Speech & Stuttering Institute)

  • Hanen Progam - It Takes Two to Talk, Target Word, Talkability & More Than Words

  • Lidcombe Program for Stuttering

  • Auditory-Verbal Therapy

  • Augmentative Communication - Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Amanda Favretto
Communicative Disorders Assistant

Amanda was born and raised in Toronto and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in early childhood education. Amanda completed a post graduate communicative disorders assistant certificate program at Georgian College. Amanda is a registered member of Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (S.A.C.) as a Communication-Health Assistant and CDAAC – Communicative Disorders Assistant Association of Canada.

Since then, she has worked with children, youth and young adults across a variety of settings. Her areas of expertise include working with school-aged children, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Amanda enjoys working with parents, teachers, and educational aides to support students with speech and language delays. Amanda has experience working with children from toddlers to early teens. Her clinical experience includes the following areas; early language intervention, articulation/phonology, motor speech disorders (apraxia), receptive and expressive language delays, autism spectrum disorder, social communication difficulties and literacy. Amanda believes strongly in the family's participation in therapy sessions.

Amanda has a natural ability to engage with children of all ages and is very passionate about helping children reach their full potential. Her calm and caring demeanor helps children feel comfortable and confident within their therapy sessions which helps them achieve their goals.

Zoe Dunn
Speech Language Pathologist

Zoe Dark RS.jpg

Zoe holds a Masters of Clinical Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Western University. Zoe has always loved interacting with and getting to know others, and after fostering a love of language and science from a young age, she knew early in her life that she wanted a career in the communication sciences. Zoe is driven to be family-centered in all aspects of her practice. She believes that working with family members to come up with intervention plans that work for both the child and their support system is incredibly important for helping foster a child’s success. Zoe enjoys working with children of all ages – from toddlers to teens. She has clinical experience working with children in the areas of articulation/phonology, early language intervention, motor speech disorders (apraxia), developmental language disorders, autism spectrum disorder, social communication difficulties, literacy, voice disorders and fluency. Zoe is extremely passionate about helping children reach their goals in fun, engaging ways! In her free time, Zoe loves playing with her dogs and spending time with family and friends. 


Communication is an essential skill in life. Communication effects how we make friends,  play with one another, make each other laugh, and learn the social skills needed to function in the world. When a child is struggling with the understanding or use of speech and language, this can have an impact on a child’s social, cognitive and emotional development.  Also, speech and language skills are the foundation of your child's school success.  We can help your child develop the speech and language skills necessary for academic success.  We believe that early intervention is critical for children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

We feel strongly in developing a relationship with each and every client to help deliver consistent and positive therapeutic outcomes. Our treatment approach focuses on using current, evidence based treatment approaches to develop communication skills in a warm, comfortable and fun environment. We use a play based approach that maximizes engagement, participation and learning and supports generalization of skills.

group dark RS.jpg

We always involve family members in the journey.

We collaborate with other professionals and agencies.

We grow, learn, change and have fun together.

We connect with your child because that is the most effective way that goals can be achieved.

We help give your child the voice they deserve.

We are committed to making a difference in your child's life.

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