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Burlington Speech Clinic, Carrie Rosler, Speech Language Pathologist, Speech Therapist Burlington, Speech Clinic Burlington

 CASLPO - College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario - www.caslpo.com

OSLA - The Ontario Association of Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologists - www.osla.on.ca

Speech-Language and Audiology Canada. - http://www.sac-oac.ca/

OAFCCD - Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders www.oafccd.com

The PROMPT Institute - www.promptinstitute.com

The Hanen Centre/Speech and Language Development for Children -  www.hanen.org

President's Choice Children's Charity - http://motionspecialties.com/funding/presidents-choice-childrens-charity

Autism speaks Canada - www.autismspeaks.ca

Autism Canada - www.autismcanada.ca

Apraxia Kids. - www.apraxia-kids.org

Ontario Professional and Parent Education Network for Childhood Apraxia of Speech. - http://oppencas.ca

The Stuttering Foundation - www.stutteringhelp.org

Pas-à-Pas Children's Clinic- Dr. Marie-Eve Dubois, Clinical and Health Psychologist - www.marieevedubois.com

Accent Music Therapy - Bill Murray, Director - www.accentmusictherapy.com

Books by Kristin Zinger, Communicative Disorders Assistant,  written for children with embedded speech and language goals - Zinger Book Zoo